The FearLess List

We all have fears – some big, some small, but they’re always there.  Listed below are the things that scare me most right now (in no particular order).  Over time, I’ll continue to update this with new items, and crossing out the ones I’ve conquered, and adding new fears to the list.

I hope that by sharing this with you, it will inspire you to tackle your fears as well!  And when you do, tell me all about it!

  1. Start my own business
  2. Sing karaoke
  3. Perform a monologue onstage
  4. Quit my job
  5. Start this site
  6. Get rid of my “stuff”
  7. Solo travel
  8. Interview someone
  9. Write an article for an online magazine
  10. Lose weight
  11. Be social
  12. Speak my mind
  13. Learn to scuba dive
  14. Learn how to do web stuff (you know, like manage this site without having a fucking panic attack every time something goes wrong…that stuff)
  15. Write an article for a print magazine
  16. Be alone
  17. Live abroad
  18. Fall in love
  19. Make plans
  20. Wear a bikini (in public)
  21. Not censor myself
  22. Be afraid
  23. Writing
  24. Get waxed
  25. Sell my house

2 thoughts on “The FearLess List”

  1. Hi Jenn
    You are super cool and a total inspiration (I have been reading the daily muse).
    When are you going to write a book for us career girls?
    Kind regards

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