The Ride

August 13, 2012

I wrapped my arms around his chest, and laced my fingers together. The leather of his jacket warmed beneath the heat of my nervous hands, and I felt safe. He’d taken me on the freeway once before, but this was the first time we’d gone over the bridge. I negotiated that bridge every morning for [...]

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Fictional Fears

June 27, 2012

Fiction terrifies me. I love it, and I want to be it, so badly. But I just don’t have it in me. Reasons why I can never (but am cursed to always desire to) write fiction: 1. I have a shitty vocabulary 2. I haven’t read all the classics 3. I’ve never written anything more [...]

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FearLess Reader—Maria

June 20, 2012

Fear has been a very important part in my life. It has always been the signpost that pushed me to move towards it. Being a very shy and introverted person, it was expected that I had trouble interacting with people, resulting being very bad at the socializing skills. That’s why one of my biggest fears [...]

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FearLess Reader – Caroline

June 12, 2012

This is Caroline’s second guest post on FearLess Jenn – you can check out her first post here. Clearly Caroline has been busy over the past year as well – and not surprisingly, still kicking ass—despite the fact her adventure didn’t come with a how-to guide. There is no manual on how to become an [...]

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