Lessons in Happiness

August 14, 2012

The way we talk about happiness, you’d think it was the most valuable currency in the galaxy. When parents tell their children of their aspirations for them, it usually boils down to something like, “as long as you’re happy honey, we’re behind you 100%”. Or, when you’re trying to act like an adult after a [...]

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The Ride

August 13, 2012

I wrapped my arms around his chest, and laced my fingers together. The leather of his jacket warmed beneath the heat of my nervous hands, and I felt safe. He’d taken me on the freeway once before, but this was the first time we’d gone over the bridge. I negotiated that bridge every morning for [...]

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Fictional Fears

June 27, 2012

Fiction terrifies me. I love it, and I want to be it, so badly. But I just don’t have it in me. Reasons why I can never (but am cursed to always desire to) write fiction: 1. I have a shitty vocabulary 2. I haven’t read all the classics 3. I’ve never written anything more [...]

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FearLess Reader—Maria

June 20, 2012

Fear has been a very important part in my life. It has always been the signpost that pushed me to move towards it. Being a very shy and introverted person, it was expected that I had trouble interacting with people, resulting being very bad at the socializing skills. That’s why one of my biggest fears [...]

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